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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Testing and Test Automation

Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration & DevOps

October 8, 2020



Highlights of Virtual TestIstanbul 2020

6 Keynotes
15+ Speakers

25+ Sessions

Virtual Edit

Main Session
Two Parallel Sessions

Streaming Live Content Delivered to Attendees

High Powered Networking

Live Fleep chat rooms,

Sponsor expo areas,

Speaker Q&A rooms

Simultaneous Interpretation

Main sessions were interpreted.



Tariq King

Chief Scientist

AI for Software Testing:
Beyond Functional Automation

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dave farley

Dave Farley

Thought-Leader, Consultant, Co-Author of the Best-Selling Book ‘Continuous Delivery’

Keynote: Taking Back “Software Engineering”, Craftsmanship is not Enough

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Andrii Dzynia

Andrii Dzynia

Engineering Director

Team That Can
Move Mountains

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testistanbul2020 Keynote Speaker

Christian Brødsjø

Senior Test Manager & Consultant
@Promis Qualify AS, Norway

The Sky Is The Limit -
How To Test A New
Airport Terminal?

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Miro TestIstanbul 2020

Miro Barsocchi

Software Engineer
in Test

Does a QA Engineer
Need to Code?

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Matthias Rasking

Managing Director
@Sixsentix Germany

Motivating Millennial Testers: Purposeful Testing

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Koray Yitmen TestIstanbul

Koray Yitmen

President @TTB, GA Member @ISTQB

Opening Speech: Magic vs Testing: How Test-Driven Development (TDD) Will Break The Illusion About Your Code?”

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Yalçın Yenigün

Director of Software Engineering @Iyzico

Deploying 5+ Releases a Day
in Fintech Domain

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Ferhat Öztürk

Director of AI Enablement @Huawei

Speech: Huawei’s All in One Approach to Test Automation: “TAP” Test Automation Platform and Its Story

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Bilal Çolak

Senior Test Automation Engineer @Udemy

Enabling Failure Process at Udemy

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Çiğdem Örer

Software Development Group Manager @Doğuş Teknoloji

A Scrum Team Story: Test Automation

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Erman Doğan

Software Quality
Assurance Manager
@Turkish Airlines

Building a Common Language for Continuous Delivery

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Füsun Borluk

Group Head Of Project Management, Quality and RPA @AvivaSa

Metal Collar Colleague – Techbot

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Hüseyin Yurtseven

Chief Technology Officer

Importance of DevOps and Test
Automation to Create
High Performing Teams

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Mehmet Gök

Mehmet Gök

Test Lead

The Story of a Test Automation
Transformation From A to Z

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Serkan Can

Head Of Software Quality Management @Intertech

Quality Assurance Processes In Finance

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Ozgur Kaya

Özgür Kaya

Test Architect @Mobven

Let's Rebuild
Our Test Automation Architecture

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Ünsal Atasoy

Disciplined Agilist | Product Manager @Teba Teknoloji

Disciplined Agile

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Işık Tazeler

Executive Board Member & Co-founder @TechOps Center

Speech: Increasing Efficiency & Productivity of Manual and Automated Testing

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Berk Dülger

Head of DevOps Services & Partner @Continium

Architecting Reliable and Resilient Infrastructures in the Cloud: Get Ready Nearly for Everything

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Sinan Ökek

Business Agility Coach @ACM

Agility: How to Avoid
Epic Failures by Testing Hypothesis Early?

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Miraç Emektar

Co-founder & CTO @TechOps Center

Speech: Increasing Efficiency & Productivity of
Manual and Automated Testing

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İsmet Öker

Solution Manager @Huawei

Speech: Huawei’s All in One Approach to Test Automation: “TAP” Test Automation Platform and Its Story

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Conference Theme of 11th TestIstanbul

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) in Testing and Test Automation

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry nowadays. Including RPA, we will be brainstorming about the below subtopics in the 11th TestIstanbul Conference:

- Robotic Process Automation
- Continuous Delivery
- Mobile Testing
- Performance Testing
- Crowd Testing
- Security/Penetration Testing
- Stress Testing
- Virtualization
- Test Automation
- Integration Testing
- Test Management
- Micro Services
- IoT Testing
- Big Data Testing
- Continuous Deployment
- Testing Career
- Software Engineering

- Continuous Testing
- Test Automation
- Test Infrastructure
- DevOps
- Continuous Integration
- Monitoring Metrics
- Regulations and Constraints
- Device Farm
- Testing on the Cloud
- Testing from the Cloud
- Software as a Service
- Platform as a Service
- Infrastructure as a Service
- Cloud Monitoring
- Software Craftsmanship
- Software Engineer in Test (SDET)
- Testing is Fun

About TestIstanbul Conference

TestIstanbul is the first and largest international software testing conference of South East Europe and Middle East Regions. TestIstanbul hosted thousands of attendees and dozens of keynote speakers from all over the world, since 2010. TestIstanbul is the event that annually up-to-date edition of TSQR is launched. The conference is created and hosted by Turkish Testing Board, a member of ISTQB® Conference Network. Turkish Testing Board is a non-profit organisation, the profit of TestIstanbul Conference is donated to scholarships. In 2020, TestIstanbul is offering virtual gathering because of Coronavirus pandemic.


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Turkey Software Quality Report 2020-2021

We are pleased to bring you the 2020-2021 edition of the Turkey Software Quality Report (TSQR) which focuses on “Robotic Process Automation(RPA)”. By coincidence, this theme was selected by the TestIstanbul Strategy Commiteee months before the Coronavirus outbreak. The outbreak again proves the importance and the necessity of automating repetitive, human intensive processes, thus RPA implementations. In this report, you will find the trends, tips and obstacles regarding this very hot topic.

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