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İsmet Öker & Ferhat ÖztürkHuawei


Huawei’s All in One Approach to Test Automation: “TAP” Test Automation Platform and Its Story

TAP is a test automation and management platform that includes all test methods in a single platform. Most of the popular integration protocols are supported as an OOTB feature in TAP. Its protocol support can be extended by externally developing plug-ins in a specific format and easily importing the plug-ins to the platform. In addition to rich protocol support of TAP; TAP has batch and scheduled task execution, test case management & versioning, massive operational support features and more! TAP is developed by Turkish Engineers in Huawei Turkey R&D Center and it is ready to be used all over the world with local support in Turkey.

In this speech, Huawei Turkey R&D’s AI Enablement Department Director Mr. Ferhat Öztürk and TAP Team Leader Mr. İsmet Öker will talk about how an internal need at Huawei Turkey R&D lead to the development of Huawei Turkey’s new commercial test automation platform: “TAP”.

About Ferhat Öztürk

Ferhat Öztürk is currently working as the Director of AI Enablement (AIE) Dept. at Huawei Turkey R&D Center. His B.S. is in Computer Science and Mr. Öztürk also has an MBA degree. Mr. Öztürk has over 15 years of experience in the development and management of large-scale software projects like Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and Telecom Business Support (BSS) systems. He is considerably experienced in building world-class, motivated & productive teams for many years in his career. Mr. Öztürk believes that enthusiasm is the key catalyst for the success of software development projects. He has a strong passion for building innovative products from scratch and recently focused on SaaS projects involving AI capabilities. While mostly having management duties for the past years, he still tries to find time to do coding with his team members.

About İsmet Öker

With 9+ years of work experience in software and telecom industry, İsmet Öker has broad experience in Telecommunication and enterprise business.

Actively participated in 12+ projects in/outside Turkey as a developer, team leader, project manager and solution manager on Telecommunications & BSS & IOT & Smart City / Campus Domains.

Currently working with global digitalization pioneers to launch fully integrated end to end digital solutions and dedicated to bring value with power of digitalization.


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