About TestIstanbul Conference

TestIstanbul hosted thousands of attendees and dozens of keynote speakers from all over the world since 2010. In its 13th year, we continue to offer different experiences to our participants through the virtual platforms and Metaverse. With participants from different cities of the world we will push the boundaries of communication and interaction.

What will you experience during TestIstanbul 2022?


Game Testing

Metaverse Testing

Communicate one to one with keynotes

Unlimited access to test community during and after TestIstanbul

Gather with testers from around the world


dave farley keynote

Dave Farley

Independent Software Developer And Consultant, Founder And Director Of Continuous Delivery Ltd.

Keynote: Modern Software Engineering: Doing What Works to Build Better Software Faster

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alper berber keynote

Alper Berber

Game Designer

Keynote: To Be Announced

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alper yegin keynote

Alper Yegin

VP of Advanced Technology, Actility Chair of Technical Committee, LoRa Alliance

Keynote: Massive IoT and Interop

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Andrew Knight keynote

Andrew Knight

Developer Advocate @ Applitools, Director of Test Automation University

Keynote: Open Testing

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Andrey Konushin keynote

Andrey Konushin

President @ RSTQB

Keynote: To Be Announced

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Bulut Ersavas

Director, Product Management @ Rapid7

Keynote: Vulnerability and Risk Management Principles: How to Secure Complex and Diverse Environments including IoT and Modern Infrastructure

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emre yazgan keynote

Emre Yazgan

Head of Data | e-Commerce - Call Center - Fintech

Keynote: Analytical Approach to Metaverse

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Erik van Veenendaal keynote

Erik Van Veenendaal

CEO @ TMMi Foundation

Keynote: Improve Your Testing and Achieve Business Value With TMMi

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erkut altındağ keynote

Prof. Dr. Erkut Altındağ

Strategic Management, Beykent University

Keynote: Corruption through the Metaverse

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john-hill keynote

John Hill

Web UI Test Engineer @ NASA Ames Research Center

Keynote: Open e2e Test Initiative with Open MCT

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Murat Erder

Author about Continuous Architecture

Keynote: Continuous Architecture

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Ru Cindrea

Managing Partner and Senior Test Consultant @ Altom Consulting

Keynote: Challenges with Automation for Games

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Stuart Reid

CTO @ STA Consulting

Keynote: Testing AI: A New Testing Specialism

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savas ozturk keynote

Dr. Savas Ozturk

Digital Game Design, Mugla Sitki Kocman University

Keynote: Testing Games vs. Gamifying Tests

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Tariq King

Chief Scientist @ test.ai, AI/ML

Keynote: To the Metaverse and Beyond: Why We Can't Wait to Automate!

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Viv Richards keynote

Viv Richards

Independent Testing Consultant, International Keynote Speaker

Keynote: To Be Announced

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Koray Yitmen

President @ Turkish Testing Board, GA Member @ ISTQB®

Opening Speech: Smurf Village and Blockchain: Testing Techniques for Blockchain Networks, Metaverses, and Games

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Brijesh Deb keynote

Brijesh Deb

Principal Consultant, Infosys

Speech: To Be Announced

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*The whole profit of the 13th International TestIstanbul Conference will be donated to non-profit organizations.

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What to Expect at Virtual TestIstanbul 2022?


15+ Sessions

Virtual events

Streaming live content will be delivered to attendees

High Powered Networking

Live chat rooms,

Sponsor expo areas,

Speaker Q&A rooms


Simultaneous Interpretation

All sessions will be interpreted.


About Our Social Responsibilities

We are happy to announce that in 2022, we have decided to donate the whole profit of the 13th International TestIstanbul Conference to the non-profit organizations in Turkey. Turkish Testing Board is honored to stand by the communities who are actively working to solve the issues of environment, poverty, education and unemployment.

Turkey Software Quality Report 2021-2022

We are pleased to bring you the 2021-2022 edition of the Turkey Software Quality Report (TSQR) which focuses on “DevOps: Empowered By Software Testing & Automation”. Coronavirus outbreak has put a lot of pressure on development and operation teams in terms of software delivery time and software quality which cannot be achieved without the help of good DevOps, software testing, and test automation practices. In this report, you will find the trends, tips and obstacles regarding these very hot topics.

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