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Işık Tazeler & Miraç EmektarTechOps Center


Increasing Efficiency & Productivity of Manual and Automated Testing

In the software development process, test positioning, resource planning, efficiency and productivity have always been under examination. Test management tools, agile approaches, outsourcing and test automation were offered as solutions to the matter. Today, efficiency and productivity has reached a new high thanks to the exponential speed of digital transformation and remote working dynamics. Now, we can measure the efficiency of test automation and shape our test automation plan accordingly. Even so, it seems as if the manual testing would prevail as the backbone of this field. And, it is safe to mention the difficulty to satisfy the fluctuating need for manual testing with a fixed number of resources. For this very reason, test teams in the TechOps Center are positioned to manage the manual testing needs in an efficient and productive model.

About Işık Tazeler

Işık is an Executive Board Member in charge of New Business Development and Operations at Tempo, 3rd biggest Call Center and Technology Company in Turkey. Formerly, she held managerial positions in leading companies such as Vodafone, KoçSistem, Turkcell Global Bilgi. She has an extensive experience of 22 years in Telecommunications, Finance and Outsourcing sectors. With thinking outside the box as her core skill, she has built and executes a whole new approach to quality assurance services with an excellent team to back her up in this journey. As a co-founder of TechOps Center, Işık will take a big part in transforming the young an eager workforce in Anatolia to highly skilled labor force endowed with IT competencies. Işık is also a founding member of Wtech (Women in Technology Association) and pursuing her long time ideal of empowering women in STEM fields.

About Miraç Emektar

Miraç completed Electronics and Communications Engineering and also graduated from Computer Engineering as double major. He started his career as a Test Engineer at Netaş Telecommunications and received the award of “Fastest Developing R&D Employee” in the international C20 R&D team in his first year. Miraç has also continued to work as a software Development Engineer in the field of Testing at Siemens and has been actively involved in many international projects in countries such as Canada, Germany and so on. In addition to his academic publications in Software Testing, he holds a Master’s degree in Business Management. As a result of his scientific work created by his experience and personal curiosity in the software sector for more than 10 years, he continues his business life as a founding partner of TechOps Center.

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