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Andrii DzyniaEngineering Director, SmartBear. Former Engineering Manager, King

Keynote Speech

Team That Can Move Mountains

What makes each team unique is not its mission or a big business objective. Each and every team consists of people with their own aspirations, challenges and needs. Building a high-performing team that glues well together is an art that has been explored by many managers and researchers. In this talk I will go through a set of key principles that helped me along the way to build truly exceptional teams even when the times were not the most accommodating.

About Andrii Dzynia

Software Development professional that started his career as a Software Tester. He was privileged to contribute to various Engineering and Management positions across Europe and United States.

Andrii Dzynia worked as Technical Program Manager at Spotify and also as Engineering Manager at King, the Game Development company behind world’s renowned franchise Candy Crash Saga. Currently Engineering Director at SmartBear.

Fully committed building highly efficient teams based on mutual values, transparency and trust.

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