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Yalçın YenigünDirector of Software Engineering, Iyzico


Deploying 5+ Releases a Day in Fintech Domain

In iyzico (one of the biggest FinTech companies in Turkey), we define agility as “the capability of deploying multiple releases a day to production environments”. In 2019, we deployed 1.409 releases to production and this continuous delivery in a highly regulated domain has too many challenges. In this talk we will talk about the main challenges of continuous delivery process in FinTech domain. The main questions to be discussed:

  • How do we improve quality assurance of our products while deploying 5+ times a day?
  • What are the test types?
  • How do we measure “Quality”?
  • How do we manage dependencies between the Circles (teams)?
  • What are the testing strategies and deployment strategies?
  • How do we monitor our products?
  • What are the challenges of continuous delivery in a highly regulated domain?

About Yalçın Yenigün

Yalçın Yenigün has been working in the technology industry since 2009. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Galatasaray, Istanbul. He has experience in object-oriented design, analysis, agile, test-driven development, and Java/J2EE, in the full life cycle of the software design process. He has worked for ZeroBuffer, Vodafone, BilgeAdam, Digiturk, Syncsort and iyzico as a software engineer and implemented various large-scale projects. He is also a reviewer of a book named ‘Appium Essentials’ on mobile test automation. Yalçın currently works at iyzico, one of the fastest growing FinTech company of Turkey, as Director of Engineering and is responsible of 6 different teams with more than 30 software engineers.

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