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Erman DoğanSoftware Quality Assurance Manager, Turkish Airlines


Building a Common Language for Continuous Delivery

Like all large enterprises, Turkish Airlines has an IT organization that manages a big diversity in terms of of tools/platforms, procedures and expertise. As the quality assurance and devops responsibles, we are working on bringing this diversity together in the best possible way and building a common language for delivery in terms of policies, conventions and rules.

In this session, we will talk about our experiences in establishing a standard way of delivery in Turkish Airlines. Around these experiences, we will embody some of the ideas and practices behind continuous integration.

About Erman Doğan

Starting his career as a software engineer, he have had hands-on experience with a wide range of technologies and platforms. Prior to his current position as Software Quality Assurance Manager in Turkish Airlines, he also worked as the manager of mobile application development teams which pioneered the change around mobile, cloud and agile transformation. Currently he is leading a team of more than 30 test, automation and devops engineers which work on improving the maturity of test and delivery practices of the company. Having responsibilities in terms of IT governance, his position allows him to touch various IT teams from different domains and technologies. He is especially focused on developer productivity, continuous delivery and software quality.

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