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Matthias RaskingManaging Director, Sixsentix Germany

Keynote Speech

Motivating Millennial Testers: Purposeful Testing

By now we have all heard the stories of these funny millennials (or some of us have kids old enough to fall in this category). They get their news from Instagram, go on school, strike for the environment and want to change the world – but with an avocado sandwich and enough spare time please. There is always the tendency to say “when I started my career as a tester, we did it this way and it did not hurt me, so why should not you be doing it?” but that misses the point. In this speech, we will explore motivating factors that are common to all of us but treated differently due to our diversity. What does this mean to leading your team? Free organic coffee is a great thing, but people are still not satisfied? Let’s look at reward mechanisms at the team and company level together and explore ways to make your team really happy, even the millennials.

About Matthias Rasking

Matthias Rasking is the Managing Director for Sixsentix Germany. He is also the Technical Chair for the TMMi foundation, a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting an open standard for Test Maturity assessments, and supports the ISO/IEC Working Group 26 on formulating and enhancing ISO 29119 and 21246 standards for software testing and work product reviews.

Matthias has over 20 years experience working in several large scale Information Technology and Process Improvement projects globally. He maintains a broad knowledge in Project Management, Software Engineering, Development methodologies as well as process improvement, focusing on the human factor in each project. Matthias loves leading and working in diverse teams to better understand what keeps everyone motivated and engaged. He is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences on Testing and is an accredited TMMI Lead Assessor.

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