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Hüseyin Yurtseven CTO,


Importance of DevOps and Test Automation to Create High Performing Teams

To create a high performing team, it is essential to implement DevOps/Test Automation strategies and culture. Without having these pillars, there would always be obstacles that slow down the team. As technical people, we should always measure what are we doing, how is our speed, our quality and many other things. When we start to measure team speed and quality, we start to understand the importance of DevOps and test automation.

I will try to share how we measure team performance, which metrics we should consider and how we can improve these metrics continuously with DevOps and test automation.

About Hüseyin Yurtseven

I graduated from Physics at Istanbul University. I have been developing software since 1998 as a professional. From 2004 to 2008 I worked for Verus Bilisim as a Software Developer and Software Development Team lead. Between 2008 and 2018 I worked for Dogan TV Holding as a Developer, Development Manager and Director of Software Development. In that time period, I managed,,, d-smart, d-smart go, blutv. Also, we developed Turkey’s most popular CMS and with this CMS we supported Hurriyet, Posta and Fanatik. After 2018 I have started to work for blutv as a CTO.

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