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 Time Zone: GMT+3

Thursday, October 5


Koray Yitmen, President @ Turkish Testing Board, GA Member @ ISTQB®

Opening Speech: How to build a lightning speed software? Lessons learned from the superhero, Flash!


Alexander Podelko

Alexander Podelko,Senior Performance Engineer @ Amazon Web Services

Keynote: Continuous Performance Testing: Challenges and Approaches

10 Min Break


Goranka Bjedov

Goranka Bjedov, Former Capacity Engineer @ Facebook

Arun Kumar Dutta

Arun Kumar Dutta, Associate Principal- Quality Engineering @LTIMindtree

Parallel session 1:Keynote: Managing Performance in a Fast Growing, Large Scale, Private Cloud
Parallel session 2: Keynote: Sustainability with Performance & Resilience Testing

15 Min Break


Gayathri Mohan

Gayathri Mohan, Principal Consultant @ Thoughtworks Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Shyam Sunder

Shyam Sunder, Test Program Manager @ Capgemini

Parallel session 1: Keynote: Evolutionary Testing Strategy
Parallel session 2:Keynote: Rediscover Exploratory Testing

5 Min Break


Leandro Melendez

Leandro Melendez (Señor Performo), Performance Advocate @ Grafana k6

Miraç Emektar

Miraç Emektar, Co-Founder, CTO @VIRGOSOL

Parallel session 1: Keynote: Modern Performance testing. What’s the deal in tools and processes?
Parallel session 2: Keynote: Monitoring user experience in performance testing via Apdex Score

10 Min Break


Mohamed Moshrif

Mohamed Moshrif, Site Reliability Engineering Manager @Google

Keynote: SRE Overview

10 Min Break


Serge Toro

Serge Toro, Senior Site Reliability Engineer @ Google

Keynote: SLO Math

10 Min Break


Seçkin Karataş

Seçkin Karataş, Partner | Agility Consultant | Co-Active Coach | Instructor

Keynote: Unleash the power of Agile and OKRs for unstoppable team success!

Friday, October 6


Ian Molyneaux

Ian Molyneaux, Performance Testing, DevOps and APM Specialist, Published Author and Established Technical Writer on Performance and APM

Keynote: Why are we still performance testing?

15 Min Break


JJ Shen

JJ Shen, Author, Software Quality Engineering Professional

Keynote:A few key fundamental concepts overlooked in software application performance and scalability analysis

10 Min Break


Bernhard Klemm
Bernhard Klemm, Senior Partner Presales Solution Architect @ Tricentis
Mudit Maheshwari

Mudit Maheshwari, Senior Software Quality Engineer @RedHat | ISTQB CTFL | Comptia Security +

Parallel session 1: Keynote: Achieving Success in Performance Testing
Parallel session 2:Keynote: UI Performance Testing with Jmeter: An in depth exploration

10 Min Break


Clive Bates
Clive Bates, Accreditation Chair Executive @ TMMi Foundation
Keynote: Evaluating Software Quality – The Journey of Test Maturity with TMMi

10 Min Break


Anton Angelov

Anton Angelov CTO & Co-founder Automate The Planet

Elif Gürcüoğlu

Elif Gürcüoğlu Technology Head – QA @ adesso Turkey

Keynote: Become Black Ops QA with Selenium 4 BiDi-DevTools APIs
Keynote: Top Apps Are Built on Testing Strategy

15 Min Break


Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy

Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy, Lead Software Engineer in Test

Keynote: Keynote: MockServer-driven testing on Mobile 

10 Min Break


Dusanka Lecic

Dusanka Lecic, Department Manager / Test Lead @ Levi9 IT Services

Keynote: Do we need a performance testing in everyday job?

10 Min Break


Seçkin Karataş

Ferit Büyükkeçeci, CTO @

Keynote: Exploring the Interaction Between Data Science and Software Testing

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