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Arun Kumar DuttaAssociate Principal- Quality Engineering @LTIMindtree

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

Sustainability with Performance & Resilience Testing

Sustainability is the need of the hour and performance and resilience are very crucial for any software product. In this keynote, Arun will discuss on what is sustainability and carbon footprint, Why sustainability is so Important to Information Technology,  Where software people can learn these concepts from his experience, how performance and resilience testing is related to carbon footprint (both its advantages and disadvantages), how web performance optimization assists in carbon footprint and lastly some of his published blog articles on sustainability with performance & resilience testing.

About Arun Kumar Dutta

Arun has over 17 and half years of managing end to end performance testing delivery experiences. He has been selected in multiple international testing conferences and global webinars. His multiple blogs have been published in different global testing forums.  Additionally, he contributed to 2 community books with other amazing testers across the globe.  He also won various internal and external awards. Currently working as an Associate Director at Enterprise Performance & Resiliency Testing Practice in LTIMindtree.

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