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Bernhard KlemmSenior Partner Presales Solution Architect @ Tricentis

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

Achieving Success in Performance Testing

Performance testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the optimal functioning of software systems. In this talk I will be presenting the ingredients for success in testing multi-tiered software systems. Starting with what success means I will focus on the people and process aspects that influence positive outcomes in performance testing, rather than specific tools.

About Bernhard Klemm

Bernhard Klemm currently works as a Senior Partner Presales Solution Architect at Tricentis. The talk though is independent of his current employer and represents the experience gained throughout his professional career in software quality assurance. After working as a developer for a few years, Bernhard started his journey in Performance Testing at Mercury Interactive as a Performance Tuning Specialist and many of the lessons learned there are still applicable today. Moving on from Mercury interactive Bernhard had different positions with companies like Hewlett-Packard, Cognizant and McLaren Applied before joining Tricentis two years ago. The elements of his talk are expanded in more detail in his book “Application Performance Testing: A Universal Performance Testing Methodology”.

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