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Serge ToroSenior Site Reliability Engineer @ Google

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

SLO Math

This talk is an intermediate topic for practitioners who already know what a Service Level Objective (SLO) is and would like to learn how to set SLOs that reflect the expectations of your customers, given the complication that you likely don’t own your entire stack.
Attendees will gain understanding of the mathematics behind SLOs and the impact of changes in SLOs at the component level on the system’s overall SLO. This should empower them to make informed decisions when setting SLO expectations at various levels.

About Serge Toro

Serge Toro has been working on Devops problems throughout his career. He started with owning data-processing infrastructure in a social content indexing system and then progressed to driving operational excellence for a customer critical service at a major video streaming platform.
At Google, Serge worked in a Firebase SRE team looking after the push notifications platform and then joined Cloud Compute Capacity Services SRE to focus on efficiency efforts.
Serge advocates for evidence-based, data-focused approach to service engineering and reliability.

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