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Elif GürcüoğluTechnology Head - QA @ adesso Turkey

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

Top Apps Are Built on Testing Strategy

Discover the pivotal interplay between testing strategies and the creation of top-tier mobile applications, including the essential role of performance testing, in our speech, “Top Apps are Built on Testing Strategy.” Join us to explore how meticulous testing approaches have been the cornerstone of the most successful apps, enabling seamless user experiences, robust functionality, and accelerated development cycles. Uncover the strategies employed by industry leaders to ensure app quality, responsiveness, and optimal performance, gaining valuable insights that will empower you to elevate your own testing strategy.”

About Elif Gürcüoğlu

Tech Lead with a background of working in various roles such as Project manager, QA manager, and product owner for large-scale global companies. Starting her career as a business analyst, she gained hands-on experience with a wide range of technologies and platforms. After having years of experience in digital product management; she brought her learnings into the quality assurance field. Today, she’s the Head of Quality Assurance at adesso Turkey as well as contributing some of the Projects as a Delivery Manager. Together with her team consists of 30 QA and Automation engineers, she focuses on boosting quality and delivery in the Projects.

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