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Alexey Alter-PesotskiyLead Software Engineer in Test

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

MockServer-driven testing on Mobile

Simultaneously testing the front-end and back-end on mobile using automated tests can be quite tricky. It can happen that even though the front-end is fine, you still get failed UI tests because of a disconnect or delay on the back-end and this can greatly slow down the testing and, subsequently, development process.

I will talk about a non-standard approach to automated testing development called MockServer-driven testing, where automated tests are developed by creating a mock server, and test coverage directly depends on the server-side coverage.

About Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy

Lead SDET in Mobile working at Stream, with 9+ years of experience building test frameworks and release pipelines for apps and SDKs on iOS and Android platforms. In spare time, writing mobile automation tips and tricks at «Testableapple» and curating the «Mobile Automation Newsletter».

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