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Ian MolyneauxPerformance Testing, DevOps and APM Specialist, Published Author and Established Technical Writer on Performance and APM

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

Why are we still performance testing?

My speech for TestIstanbul 2023 will look at historical and current reasons for Performance Testing. Why the requirement is still as valid now as it was 10 years ago despite advances in testing technology and application design.

  • Why core applications continue to fail.
  • Historical reasons for performance testing compared to current requirements.
  • The influence of recent advances in technology such as AI and applicationdesign on performance testing – i.e. Can ChatGPT really author my scripts?
  • Prediction – What will the situation be in another 10 years?

About Ian Molyneaux

“The Art of Application Performance Testing” available from O’Reilly publishers.

An established Freelance Technical Writer on Performance and APM. Passionate about promoting

a structured approach to achieve and maintain application performance within the enterprise in

the following areas:

Performance Due Diligence

– Optimizing performance engagement across the SDLC

– Implementing CI, CDD and DevOps to best effect

Performance Testing

– Due Diligence

– Management and Delivery

– Training and Mentoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

– Implementation

– Enablement

Performance Trouble-shooting and related consulting

– Performance and the Cloud

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