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Clive BatesAccreditation Chair Executive @ TMMi Foundation

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

Evaluating Software Quality – The Journey of Test Maturity with TMMi

The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) is an internationally recognized framework designed to assess and improve software testing processes in various industry sectors. Its structured approach guides organizations towards optimized testing practices and better software quality. The framework is adaptable making it suitable for organizations regardless of their chosen development lifecycle.

TMMi has experienced significant global growth, with organizations benefiting from its implementation. Recently there was a second worldwide survey conducted by the TMMi Foundation with the certified organizations invited to take part. This latest survey reveals valuable insights and the benefits enjoyed by the certified organizations. Clive will present the latest key results, highlighting TMMi’s adaptability to new technologies and its relevance in the evolving landscape.

In addition to organizational benefits, Clive will explain how TMMi empowers individuals, fostering personal and professional growth. Discover how each team member can leverage the framework to enhance their contributions and elevate software testing practices.

About Clive Bates

Clive is an experienced testing professional with a track record in the Software Testing industry spanning over 35 years. His expertise has been primarily focused on TMMi Assessments as a TMMi Lead Assessor and Certified TMMi Test Process Improver. Additionally, he has been actively involved in delivering TMMi training courses to professionals seeking to enhance their understanding and application of the TMMi framework. As part of his commitment to the growth and standardization of TMMi practices, Clive holds a significant position in the Management Executive of the TMMi Foundation, where he is responsible for accreditation.

Clive’s dedication and passion for TMMi, Process Improvement and related activities are evident from his extensive involvement in various international conferences, where he has presented on these subjects. Throughout his career, Clive has had the opportunity to work with diverse clients and industries, to deliver TMMi assessments and related services that are located in different countries including the UK, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, France, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Australia.

Until recently, Clive was a Director with UKITB having been involved with the ISTQB certification scheme when it first started under the ISEB banner in 1998.

Clive’s extensive experience and contributions in the field of software testing and TMMi have made a significant impact in the industry, and his passion for continuous improvement remains a driving force behind his achievements.

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