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Dusanka LecicDepartment Manager / Test Lead @ Levi9 IT Services

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

Do we need a performance testing in everyday job?
With a new trends, new projects, we are facing with performance testing from time to time. We are trying to do the performance testing usually when it is asked from us, but we often don’t know what is the proper way and how to involve it in the everyday job and is it needed at all to do that. For this step we need to completely understand the performance testing and strategy for performance testing. How to make performance testing as part of our job is the topic for this presentation and what are the benefits of having performance tests on your project. I will go through meaningful phases of managing of performance testing and show you through good test plan how to start including performance testing in your activities.

About Dusanka Lecic

Dusanka is Test Lead and Department Manager in Levi9 IT Services company. In the last seven years, she has been actively involved in several different projects, using various technologies and tools daily. She likes to share knowledge and support various initiatives, so she is active in leading an internal expert community that brings together Levi9 experts and testing enthusiasts within both Serbian development centers, Levi9. She is also dedicated to her academic career as a Ph.D. in Technical Science, so she often writes papers for conferences, but also technical articles. She points out current trends and the importance of testing in software development.

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