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Yüksel Berk YavuzQA Manager @Gram Games


Mobile Gaming Test Strategy

Mobile game testing is tough if you like to develop world-class mobile games. There seems to be lots of things you need to consider from compatibility to performance, from localization to regression. Running all of these needs management and test strategy. Sometimes the best way to start with is considering and deciding about the one that is out of scope. You can take advantage of working with the team members or External Test Resources. In both cases, a test strategy is going to be needed.

About Yüksel Berk Yavuz

Yüksel Berk Yavuz (born in 1985) is a Turkish ISTQB CTAL-TM Certified  QA Manager, has experience in various industries as telecommunication, e-commerce, and mobile games testing. He has served different positions directly related to Software Testing for more than 8 years. Currently, Yüksel Berk Yavuz is working as QA Manager in Gram Games.

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