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Tauqir SarwarSr. QA Automation Consultant @ Modus Create

Speaker of TestIstanbul 2024

Ultimate End-to-End Effortless Mobile Automation

Effortless Mobile Automation Solution contains reusable content and steps that can enable one to test mobile apps (Android, IOS) on different cross-platforms with effortless test cases writing under the same coding ecosystem. This open-source solution makes it easy to get started making newer automation engineers more confident.

It also facilitates understanding the overall project structure and writing tests smoothly using predefined common steps. Having a good solution and its knowledge as a starting point can save a lot of time and money. Boilerplate makes it easy to rapidly develop automation tests that are compatible and easily maintained. It supports executing tests in parallel, which is a big help in reducing test execution time.

Rapid automation tests, their compatibility, and maintainability make everything hassle-free. As it has a fixed syntax to define software test behavior and acceptance criteria. In this way, teams can communicate properly and there would be no gaps in understanding by using plain text examples to illustrate any business rules. It has clear, actionable test result reports along with notification alerts to improve software quality continuously.

About Tauqir Sarwar

Tauqir is visionary, strategist information technology Expert with 16+ years of insightful experience in small to enterprise wise software end-to-end QA, Automation & Performance testing solutions and services.

Tauqir started his career as a QA Engineer and has since worked in various roles in the software testing industry. He loves learning new technologies and is proficient in tools and frameworks such as Selenium, Pytest, Playwright, Cypress, Protractor, WebdriverIO, RESTAssured, and Jmeter with shift-left approach. When he’s not working, Tauqir loves to travel and spend time with his family.

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