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Sasha PitkevichEPAM Blockchain Lead

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2022

A practical approach for Web 3.0, Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Crypto solutions Testing

Before Web3 can reach its full potential for providing free, fair and open computing and automated services for the world, projects first need to invent and adopt better practices than simply copying traditional Web2 practices. No one expects an online Web2 auction site to lose millions of dollars in 15 seconds, but in some sense, it’s common place right now in Web3. Therefore the need for good throughout testing is vital for WEB3 adoption and should not be underestimated. In the presentation Sasha will cover the practical approach towards DApp, WEB3 solutions and blockchain testing focusing on the technology specific.

About Sasha Pitkevich

Sasha Pitkevich is a Blockchain evangelist, spokesperson and global Blockchain lead at EPAM. Before championing the technology in 2015, she has managed an impressive array of complex IT solutions from architecture to delivery, in demanding fields of global telecom, airlines and oil & gas multinationals.
EPAM is the foremost global digital transformation services provider – leading the industry in digital and physical product development and digital platform engineering services. Through its innovative strategy; integrated advisory, consulting and design capabilities; and unique ‘Engineering DNA,’ EPAM’s globally deployed hybrid teams help make the future real for clients and communities around the world by powering better enterprise, education and health platforms that connect people, optimize experiences, and improve people’s lives.

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