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Roland LeusdenPerformance Architect @Praegus B.V.

Performance Testing of Big Data

Agile, Continous Intergration, DevOps, Big data are not longer buzzwords but part of the day today process of everyone working in software development and delivery. To cope with applications that need to be deployed in production almost the same moment they were created, software development has changed, impacting the way of working for everyone in the team. In this talk, Roland will discuss the challenges performance testers face with Big Data applications and how Architecture, Agile, Continous Intergration and DevOps come together to create solutions.

About Roland Leusden

Roland van Leusden is a Performance Architect with an in-depth experience of functional testing, test automation and performance testing utilizing open source and commercial tooling. His experiences with off shore (India) and near shore (Romania) together with his interest in people who are involved in the project, ensures a pleasant and targeted attitude where quality and punctuality are very important. In collaboration with the client he creates significant improvements in enterprise performance using a blend of technical, functional and industry-specific expertise.Roland shares his knowledge and experiences with customers, in articles and at (inter)national conferences. His presentations are appreciated for their liveliness combined with the ability to keep the talks serious while using practical examples and humorous comparisons.

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