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Philip LewCEO @XBOSoft

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Agile Testing

The Agile Manifesto, released as a set of guiding principles in 2001, is now 15 years old. And you know how teenagers can be at that age, unruly and unpredictable! Does that describe your agile process? Does testing somehow get lost and squeezed at the end?

If you are ready to move beyond wondering where agile testing fits in, want to focus your testing on the right things at the right time within the agile process, and learn how to improve your software for an optimal user experience, Phil will give you food for thought, sharing his insights on applying the “Seven Habits” to Agile Testing, as well as how to implement or reinforce each one.

You’ll learn how to strike the balance of process and documentation versus collaboration and adaptation as Phil takes you through the agile process and discusses what and where testing should be focused to be most effective in the immediate and long term. Through principles complemented with real life examples, you’ll be able to take ideas back to your organization and leave with a passion for learning, change and making a difference in your software product quality.

About Philip Lew

Philip Lew, Chief Executive Officer of XBOSoft, oversees strategy, operations and business development since founding the company in 2006. His broad experience and deep technical expertise as a software engineer stem from 25 years in the technology industry where he continues to advise on technology and business processes. He has served many roles in the industry at the executive level in the USA and Europe, and has brought his expertise to many conferences as keynotes and other speaking engagements. Lew is a certified PMP and holds a BS and master’s degree in Operations Research and Engineering from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University.

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