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Kristian KarlTest Manager @Spotify

Why Automated Verification Matters

Automated verification is becoming increasingly important. Getting a product from idea to customer as fast as possible in a Continuous  Delivery, or a Deployment pipeline is crucial in more businesses than ever before. But how do we get a product through that pipe line, with high quality? Kristian will talk about how automated verification can get you there.

About Kristian Karl

Kristian Karl has 20 years of experience in the testing business, and has during that time been given the chance to work in Telecom, Finance, Government and start-ups.

Even though Kristian has done White Box Testing, Functional Testing, System and Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing, his heart beats strongest for Test Automation using Model-based Testing and Performance Testing.

He is founder of (2005).

Kristian is Test manager at Spotify since 2010.

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