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Koushik DasEngineer | Author | Innovator | Start-Up Enthusiast

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2024

Making mobile test automation more agile and supporting localization testing

Mobile test automation has a few unique challenges that need to be addressed for the test automation strategy to be effective (increased coverage + high defect discovery + near sprint development),

In this presentation, we will explore the key elements of the mobile test automation strategy. We will find the answers to the below questions:

  • How to organize your framework components for faster turnaround of test scripts?
  • How to use BDD testing more effectively for near sprint development?
  • Mobile page objects – pros and cons of using singletons.
  • How to automate tests that involve app upgrade and downgrade?
  • How to automate language testing for a multilingual app in both Android and iOS?
  • emulator/simulator, device cloud and real devices – pros and cons

About Koushik Das

Koushik Das is an IT Professional with 21 years’ hands on experience in designing and developing Enterprise Automation Frameworks, Quality Planning and Management (India and USA) and 2 years’ experience in Training, Business Development and Social Enterprise Concept Development (UAE). He is author of highly reviewed book on Test Automation Framework development with Appium ( and research paper on User driven online games in IJSTR –

Koushik started his career in 2000 as a software engineer in Satyam Computer Services Ltd (now Tech Mahindra). Over the next 2 decades he assumed the roles of Sr. Engineer, Tech Lead, Manager and Automation Architects in various MNCs. Currently he is working at a global US medical devices and health care company as an Automation Architect. In these roles, he:

  • Designed and developed enterprise level test automation frameworks capable of Web, Mobile and API testing and integrated with various test data management solutions like HP-ALM, IBM-ETM and Jira
  • Enhanced test automation framework to enable component level testing in event driven architecture(EDA) by testing pub/sub messages.
  • Setup daily batch run and enabled test automation integration with Kobiton, SeeTest, Browserstack and Test Grid private cloud for running tests in cloud devices.
  • Was responsible for non-product validations like framework tools, Charles-Proxy for resiliency testing.

Koushik started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with the launch of an education tech company in Dubai. He is currently a founder of TestSprint360 ( Inc. launched in Aug 2023 with a mission to enable small and large software development firms implement test automation at the speed of agile through a game changing low code/no code test automation tool.

Koushik has a BE(Electronics & Communication Engineering) from NIT, Durgapur (India) and MBA in General Administration from Hult IBS (Dubai home campus). His LinkedIn profile –

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