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Koray YitmenPresident, Turkish Testing Board

Opening Speech of TestIstanbul 2021

Remote Testing vs. Music: Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm. How Musical Concepts are Related to Software Testing.

Covid-19 pandemic has not only changed our lives but also our way of working. The dramatic change in our working habits and business models could not happen without the effect of such a pandemic. Pandemic definitely accelerated the speed of change in our normal and business lives, it may have shortened a period of 10-15 years to a few months.

 In these unprecendented times, our only option is to adapt to the new normal. As in the case of a captain of a ship who needs a lighthouse as a refence point when changing the course of a ship, so do the IT professionals need reference points in these uncertain times. At this point, a help comes from a very close, old friend called music. Musical concepts are always good companions of human beings while adapting change and dealing with difficult conditions. In this keynote, I would like to address the basic concepts of music which are melody and harmony; and their relationship with asynchronous and synchronous working. We are already very familiar with synchronous working and have done very well so far. But in this pandemic times, we should change our course and adapt more to asynchronous way of working which is the main pillars of remote working and remote testing. Melody will help us to implement asynchronous working more easily to our lives and harmony will show us the difference between asynchronous and synchronous concepts more clearly.

About Koray Yitmen

Koray Yitmen is the president of Turkish Testing Board, a member of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), the member of ISTQB general assembly, the president of User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA) Istanbul chapter, and the board member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Istanbul chapter.

As a business partner, Koray has led many multi-national, cross-functional teams in the banking, telecommunications, insurance, media, and information technology (IT) industries for almost 20 years. Challenged by the diversity of his projects’ cultural, domain, and people issues, Koray has succeeded by putting the needs of his projects’ target users first.

In 2000, he started his career as a technology consultant at Accenture (formerly Arthur Andersen). Having worked at Accenture, he has been the business partner of Keytorc Software Testing Services, BA-Works Business Analysis Services, UXservices UX Design Company, Continium Enterprise DevOps Services, and Explori Employee Experience Design Company since 2005. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. He is a strong advocate of the business motto “Quality is not tested, but built” and tries to implement this motto in every IT project in which he is involved. His greatest happiness of life is giving back to the community.

His published books are “Bilgi Teknolojilerinin Başarısı için Yazılım Testi – İş Analizi – Kullanılabilirlik”,  “Business Analysis, Software Testing, Usability : A Quick Guide Book for Better Project Management and Faster IT Career”, and “Yazılım Test Teknikleri”.

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