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Kirk PepperdineCTO @JClarity


Your Test Environment is Irrevocably Busted
And What You Can Do About It

How many times have you faced a problem in production that you can’t find in test? How many times have you found a problem in test that made no difference what so ever in how your production environment performs. It is deliberate that I’ve said “how many” and not “have you ever”. This is because I know your testing environment is busted to the point where you can’t reliably predict performance. In this talk I’m going to tell you why and how your testing environment is busted and what you can do to cope.

About Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk has been performance tuning Java applications for more than 20 years. Frequent speaker at JUGs and conferences worldwide and has been named a JavaONE rockstar numerous times. Kirk authored the original Java performance tuning workshop and jPDM, a performance diagnostic model. This model is the core of the diagnostic engine developed by JClarity, a startup cofounded by Kirk.

In 2006 Kirk was named as a Java Champion. More recently he has named as part of the Oracle groundbreakers and InfoQ influencers. Kirk continues to be an ardent support of the Java community cofounding JCrete, a Java unconference and by helping other establish Java (un)conferences worldwide.

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