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Keith YorkstonIndependent Consultant and Author Specializing on Security and Performance

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

The human influence on performance testing in an online world

Today, many people have at least two different worlds they live in – the real world and the online world. The relatively new field of cyberpsychology investigates how technology affects human behaviour. Parts of the research conducted has been useful when applied to security. I would like to extend this into performance testing – how can the way our users behave affect how a system or website is used, and what we as performance testers should consider when planning and building performance tests to create more realistic performance tests.

About Keith Yorkston

After a circuitous route into IT, Keith Yorkston has spent the last 24 years involved with software quality and risk. Cutting his teeth early in technical testing, Keith went on to work as a consultant and trainer across the world. He currently works as an independent consultant and author specializing in security and performance.

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