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Jose Manuel SampayoSenior Platform Engineer – Test Engineering @Adidas

Keynote Speech

Adidas Path towards Continuous Testing

During last 5 years, at Adidas, we have been working on a profound Digital Transformation process that has impacted the whole organization. As part of this process, we have been changing and evolving our software testing practices, our teams setup and the tools and technologies in use. Centering this transformation in our people, we have been walking towards implementing Continuous Testing practices. I would love to share our experience and learnings with all of you.

I will share what we have done until now, what we are doing and which our future plans are regarding people, processes and technologies. I will describe specific actions taken and planned; tools and technologies we are using and planning to use; and will share the lessons we have learnt.

About Jose Manuel Sampayo

Formerly at Bilbomática. Formerly at Sogeti for Panda Security. I have been working in IT for more than 15 years. Last 10, devoted to Software Testing. I work on boosting Continuous Testing for the best possible Digital Transformation.

I love dogs. And also people! Reading, playing the guitar, photography, trading and growing lettuces (I’m serious!) are my passions.ISTQB® Certified Tester, Advanced Level, Test Manager. ISTQB® Certified Tester, Advanced Level, Test Automation Engineer.

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