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JJ ShenAuthor, Software Quality Engineering Professional

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2023

A few key fundamental concepts overlooked in software application performance and scalability analysis

Software application performance and scalability analysis have become one of the top priorities for large IT firms, but there is a lack of understanding of some of the fundamental concepts among software developers, quality engineers, product managers, and other relevant shareholders.

To fill this gap, in this talk, we discuss some of the essential concepts in performance and scalability testing and studies, including concurrent users, concurrent time intervals, request distributions, load patterns, intrinsic and load scalabilities, effective capacity, etc.

Mastering these basic ideas is crucial for the success of your performance and scalability analysis, capacity optimization, and scalability planning.

About JJ Shen

JJ Shen is a software quality engineering professional and the author of three books on software testing, performance analysis, and scalability studies, respectively.

JJ started his career in the software industry as a software developer and then moved to the software testing realm a few years later. In the last 20-plus years, he has been working with various companies in Silicon Valley, including Oracle, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and ServiceNow, among others, in leading performance and scalability testing and analysis projects, building software test automation frameworks, and leading quality engineering projects, for both consumer and enterprise software applications. He has an MS in Computer Sciences and three degrees in Physics and Astronomy.

His published books are: “Software Testing: Techniques, Principles, and Practices”; “Software Performance Testing: Concepts, Design, and Analysis”; and “Software Scalability and Its Measurement”.

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