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Jan Jaap CannegieterPrincipal Consultant @Squerist

Characteristics of a Modern Test Process

When most of the well-known test methods where originated the world looked different. Back than making comprehensive strategies and plans was important, (test) engineering was focussed on doing things thoroughly and following (international) standards was important for organizations. Now other values are considered more important, like speed, craftsmanship, flexibility, goal orientation and pragmatism. In this keynote Jan Jaap will consider the changes testers and test organizations face today and explore the consequences of these changes for the test process and the individual tester. 

Key takeaways

After the presentation you know what organizations demand from testing and testers now. Based on the presentation you can start filling in the gaps between your hard skills and soft skills and what is required nowadays.

About Jan Jaap Cannegieter

After 20 years of experience in ICT, I am specialized in software testing, test process improvement, software process improvement, quality assurance and requirements. What really drives me is teaching organizations, management teams and individuals good practices in the field of software testing, quality assurance and requirements by means of courses and coaching. Furthermore, I do a lot of test process assessments, QA assessments and requirements process assessments. Beside my assignments, I contribute to the development of the services of Squerist, coaching of professionals and development of courseware. Together with tmy colleagues I make sure the services of Squerist are high-level and up-to-date. Another passion of mine is writing and speaking on seminars about my field of expertise. I wrote over forty articles and ten books. The best sold books are ‘De kleine CMMI’, ‘Succes met de requirements!’ and ‘The little TMMi’. I spoke on different international conferences about testing, QA and requirements.

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