1. Will the virtual conference take place at the same time as the offline event date?
Yes. The virtual and offline event will both take place on 8th October 2020. All sessions will be broadcasted and streamed live including offline sessions.

2. I already registered for the offline conference in Istanbul. Am I automatically registered for the virtual conference?
Yes, you are automatically registered for the virtual conference. Further details and guidance on how to navigate the virtual platform will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the registered attendees.

3. When will we receive log-in instructions?
When a virtual attendee registration is complete (paid for), you will receive an email with access instructions until 3 days before the conference. Please be sure to download latest version of Zoom and Fleep.

4. How do I register for the virtual conference?
Registration to the virtual conference is open. For more information, please visit here.

5. How can I ask questions to the organiser at the virtual conference?
You can ask your questions from the Fleep Conversation Room. Also you can contact us from +90 212 276 06 48.

6. Which sessions will be streamed live?
All sessions will be streamed live including offline sessions.

7. What time zone are the streamed sessions shown?
The sessions streamed live will follow the Greenwich Mean Time Zone +03:00.

8. I selected virtual participation. Can I change it to offline participation?
Yes. You can change your type of participation up to 3 days before the conference.

9. When can I register TestIstanbul at the latest?
Registrations will be closed 24 hours before the conference.

10. What are the precautions for Covid-19 Pandemic during TestIstanbul?

  • In order to inform participants about COVID-19 measurements and practices, visual / written information boards will be hung at the entrance of the facility and in easily visible places for the rules to be followed.
  • Temperature measurement will be made with a thermal camera at the entrance of the hotel.
    Before our participants enter the hall, the hall will be disinfected in accordance with the Hilton Clean Stay standards and additional spray disinfection will be carried out.
  • Participants are required to enter the hotel with a mask and wear a mask during their stay. Hygiene areas with packaged disposable masks and gloves will be created to change masks and the necessary equipment will be provided to the participants to maintain hygiene during the day.
  • Hand sanitizer that can be used during the event will be provided to all participants.
  • Arrangements such as landmarks, lanes, barriers will be made in order to obey the social distance rule to prevent the formation of queues in event entrances and exits, hall entrances and exits, information, cloakroom, parking lots and toilets.
  • Personal dry cleaning covers will be provided in the cloakroom and coats of the participants will be kept in hygienic standards.
  • Distance seating will be established in the hall, taking into account the circulars of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior.
  • Maximum capacities have been determined as one person for every four square meters of the event area, and no entry permit will be allowed above the specified capacities.
  • The event hall is designed to receive light and have access to fresh air.
  • The ventilation system is operated with 100% fresh air from outside.
  • The catering service personnel will help all participants to get the treats during the event.