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Frank FaberTest Consultant, Trainer & DASA® Ambassador @ ALTEN Netherlands

Keynote Speech

DevOps Competences for Test Engineers

To better meet the wishes of the customer, you see more and more companies working wih DevOps. In addition to a major culture change, DevOps also entails many new practices. For a Test engineer, this means that the test work changes and as a Test engineer you need other competencies to join DevOps.

I will explain what DevOps is and what important role a Test engineer plays in DevOps. Then, I will discuss the strong competences of a Test Engineer and the competences that become more important in a DevOps environment.

About Frank Faber

Frank Faber is a Test / DevOps consultant, trainer and ambassador who works for ALTEN Netherlands and does three things:

First, Frank Faber has been seconded as a Test consultant to several large Dutch clients. Based on his testing expertise, he helps teams in an Agile and DevOps environment. As a trained musicologist, Frank can participate in IT with a different critical and scientific perspective. Frank has contributed to multiple DevOps and Agile implementations and improvements. In his assignments he always strives for the goal of striving for quality together with the team in everything they do. Test automation and CI / CD play an important role in this. In his latest assignments he has taken his teams with him to work in DevOps and to make quality a shared responsibility.

Secondly, Frank gives and organizes training in the field of Testing and DevOps. He is the ISTQB Course Director of ALTEN Netherlands and an accredited trainer for several DevOps training courses.

Thirdly, Frank is global ambassador testing for the international DevOps organization DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association). In this role he is involved in international knowledge sharing in the field of DevOps and testing.

Lecture experience:

  • –  Lecture at Testing Stage 2019, Kiev Ukraine: From Test Engineer to DevOps Engineer
  • –  Lecture at iSQI Certification Days 2019, Online: Quality in DevOps
  • –  Chapter in The Future of Software Quality Assurance (2020), pages 27-38: Testing in DevOps    (freely accessible via:
  • –  Various lectures both internally and externally about DevOps for (customers of) ALTEN Netherlands
  • –  Various DevOps and Test training courses for ALTEN Netherlands.

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