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Prof. Dr. Erkut AltındağStrategic Management, Beykent University

Keynote of TestIstanbul 2022

Corruption through the Metaverse

Metaverse, one of the most exciting technological developments of recent years, brings with it many ethical and legal problems. These ethical concerns in the metaverse are also issues for the non-digital life – such as privacy, social and economic inequalities, accessibility, identity control, and freedom of creative expression. In addition, there are many unknowns from a legal point of view. What regulations will protect people if real-world crimes happen entirely digitally?

Every new invention can provide countless benefits when used in the name of humanity and with good intentions. But what if this doesn’t happen? When we start to see the reflections of all the problems in the real world in the Metaverse universe, will irreversible damage be possible?

About Erkut Altındağ

Erkut Altındağ is a professor of economic and administrative sciences at Beykent University. His papers have appeared in Social behavior and personality: an International journal, Kybernetes, Sage Open and the European Journal of health economics. His research interests include family firms, strategic management, technology management, modern management theories and strategic human resources management. Altındağ has also been providing consultancy to various companies in the gaming and education industry for years. He also writes regularly in magazines such as Maxihaber, Notebook Magazine, Oyungezer and Strong Bosses.

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