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Eren ÖzdemirProject Management & Agile Transformation Mentor @ LC Waikiki


Disciplined Agile: Beyond the Frameworks

How accurate is it to apply the same solution (Scrum, Kanban, Spotify, SaFE, etc.) to all companies in a situation where every organization and every team is unique in agile transformations? Real agility is about allowing teams to find their own way, that is, to liberate rather than fit them into a framework. In this talks, we will learn about the toolkit offered by Disciplined Agile and how teams & organizations contribute to finding their own way.

About Eren Özdemir

Eren Özdemir works on Project Management, IT Management and Disciplined Agile. He has managed large-scale projects with traditional and agile methods, taking part in medium, large-scale companies and also start-ups. He has taken an active role in designing project management processes and initiating agile transformations in the companies he works.

He is the author of the book “Project Management”.

He gives trainings on Project Management (PMP) and Disciplined Agile. He is one of the two authorized Disciplined Agile instructors by PMI Turkey. He is currently a Project Management and Enterprise Agile Transformation mentor at the LC Waikiki Strategy and Transformation office.

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