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Alexey KhursevichCEO, Solvd


Boost Your Automation Testing with Kubernetes

In context of the presentation I would like to show the evolution of our automation infrastructure from native deployment through Docker and how we finally migrated to Kubernetes. I will speak about scalability options for Jenkins and Selenium cluster, we will touch the questions of budget savings by means of Amazon spot instances and auto-scaling groups. Finally, I would like to show the capabilities of our reporting instrument which was successfully deployed in Kubernetes cluster.

About Alexey Khursevich

Alexey Khrusevich is the CEO of Solvd, Inc. He has been building infrastructures for test automation for the last 6 years. Among interesting projects are MCloud by Qaprosoft – mobile device farm for test automation and Zafira by Qaprosoft – solution for automation results visualization. Alexey is an active speaker at such conferences as SeleniumCamp and Delex. Recently, he has been researching TestOPS and GitOPS issues.

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